Monday, August 8, 2011

Scenes from the future: RMHS' new football stadium

Home Stands

Scoreboard End Zone

Away Stands

Home Stands - zoom shot (Photos/Chris Hughes - click on each to enlarge)
Everyone likes brand new things - most of the time. In about one year, the Rocky Mount Gryphons will be breaking in its new football stadium - on its new campus. It will be the first time the Blackbirds or the Gryphons have ever played a game on the actual school grounds.

Above are a few shots (click on each shot to enlarge) of the new stadium - far from complete - taken by's Chris Hughes. It eventually will be part of his wonderful "The Stadium Project" where he has photographed virtually every high school football stadium in the state. He says he has about seven or eight left to visit of the near 375-plus across the state.

Wakefield, Eden Morehead, Heritage and Southeast Raleigh are among the few missing from his site.

Hughes plans to return next summer and get shots of a perfectly completed stadium project. 

RMHS fans may miss the 766 seats at the Rocky Mount Athletic Complex at midfield that have seat backs. 

But I won't miss not having A/C in the press box. The new one will be as cool as a cucumber - just perfect for a first season that should have a few August home games!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty bland and small for a annual playoff caliber team. Would have thought more money and ideas would have done gone into this stadium, its layout, size, etc.