Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fike's Flowers to be inducted into Barton's Athletic Hall of Fame

Barton College announced the 2009 induction class to its Athletic Hall of Fame Friday. Among the honorees will be Wilson Fike head baseball coach Will Flowers.

A member of Barton's Class of 1976, Flowers, a baseball standout at the school, is in his 28th season as the Golden Demons' head coach.

Flowers, who led Fike to the 1999 NCHSAA 3-A state championship, has a career record of 372-264 going into the last week of the 2009 baseball regular season.

The College's Bulldog Club and Hall of Fame Induction Banquet will be held as part of Homecoming Week on Friday, Oct. 23. This event will also feature a celebration of 100 years of intercollegiate athletics at the institution and a memorabilia display.

Congrats, coach!

2009 NEW 6 Boys/Girls Track and Field Results

Here are the complete results from Wednesday's NEW 6 Conference Boys/Girls Track and Field Meet held at Nash Central High School. RMHS' results are in bold:


Rocky Mount (RM) 204, Nash Central (NC) 99, Fike (F) 85, SouthWest Edgecombe (SWE) 61, Southern Nash (SN) 51, Northern Nash (NN) 45.


SHOT PUT -- Denise Harrison (SWE), 34 ft., 8 in; Whitaker (RM), Alzer (NN), Harper (F), Battle (NC), Hinton (NC).

DISCUS -- Denise Harrison (SWE), 106-11; Johnson (SN), Whitaker (RM), Ward (RM), van Bree (F), Pittman (SWE).

LONG JUMP -- Jessica Barnes (SWE), 16-7 1/2; Applewhite (RM), Cofield (NC), Farmer (RM), Blizzard (F), Davis (RM).

TRIPLE JUMP -- Domonica Coleman (SN), 35- 1/2; Applewhite (RM), Brown (RM), Farmer (RM), Washington (NC), Mills (SN).

HIGH JUMP -- Jasmine Williams (NC), 5-8; Battle (RM), Flinn (F), Pitchford (NC), Bass (NC), Batten (NN).

POLE VAULT -- Rachel Boykin (SN), 8-0; Thai (RM), Worley (RM), Pitchford (NC), Emig (SN), Davis (RM).

4 X 800 RELAY -- Rocky Mount (Michaela Thorne, Marquita Hines, Nancy Thai, Erika Wesonga), 10:31; Fike, Northern Nash, Nash Central.

100-METER HURDLES -- Xaviera Bass (NC), 16.81; Sledge (RM), Thompson (RM), Barnes (RM), Williams (SN), Pitt (F).

100 -- Jessica Barnes (SWE), 13.25; James (F), Cofield (NC), Brown (RM), Harper (F), Tyner (RM).

4 X 200 -- Nash Central (Garbielle Foster, Jennifer Cofield, Jasmine Williams, Tyrqua Washington), 1:52.80; Rocky Mount, Northern Nash, SouthWest Edgecombe.

1,600 -- Jentzen Jones (F), 5:47; Hanson (F), C. Warren (NC), Wesonga (RM), Thorne (RM), K. Warren (NC).

4 X 100 -- Fike (Shaa Locus, Jaleesa Harper, Tramicka James, Talaya Hall), 52.87; Rocky Mount, SouthWest Edgecombe, Nash Central, Northern Nash, Southern Nash.

400 -- Jasmine Williams (NC), 1:01.18; Applewhite (RM), Farmer (RM), Hines (RM), Whitehead (SWE), Cooper (NC).

300 HURDLES -- Domonica Coleman (SN), 51.96; Thompson (RM), Sledge (RM), Barnes (RM), Clark (NN), Springer (NN).

800 -- Erika Wesonga (RM), 2:30.31; Jones (F), Thorne (RM), Hines (RM), Batten (NN), Ross (NN).

200 -- Jennifer Cofield (NC), 27.49; Euwell (SWE), Brown (RM), Tyner (RM), Bullock (NN), Foster (NC).

3,200 -- Hanson (F), 12:45; McKenney (NN), C. Warren (NC), Reaves (F), Davis (F), Thai (RM).

4 X 400 -- Rocky Mount (Erika Wesonga, Marquita Hines, Micheala Thorne, Latoya Applewhite), 4:24.82; Northern Nash, Southern Nash, Nash Central.


Nash Central (NC) 184.3; Northern Nash (NN) 126.5; Fike (F) 115.4; Southern Nash (SN) 47.5; Rocky Mount (RM) 46.9; SouthWest Edgecombe (SWE) 36.4.


SHOT PUT -- Keith Thomas (NN), 46 ft.; Jordan Crudup (NC), C.J. Baines (F), Howard (SN), Evans (NC), Young (NN).

DISCUS -- Jordan Crudup (NC), 134-02; Baines (SN), Pittman (NC), Thomas (NN), Williams (SN ), Evans (NC).

LONG JUMP -- Darrus Parker (F), 21-8; Brake (NC), Dunican (F), Jenkins (SWE), Wiggins (NN), Rogers (NC).

TRIPLE JUMP -- Jory Stephens (F), 42-8; Powell (SN), Brake (NC), Alston (RM), Bovia (F), Copeland (NC).

HIGH JUMP -- Martez Finch (F), 6-2; Bovia (F), Hicks (SN), (tie) Richardson (NC), J. Dupree (SWE), Copeland (NC), Simmons (RM), Stephens (F).

POLE VAULT -- Devin Williams (NN), 12 ft.; Chambless (RM), Bowers (RM), Taylor (NC), (tie) Barrett (SN), Lara (NC).

4 X 800 RELAY -- Fike (Joseph Speight, Calvin Dorvilier, Jonathon Bennett, Cody Jones), 8 min., 20 sec.; Nash Central, Northern Nash, Southern Nash, Rocky Mount.

10-METER HURDLES -- Danny Allen (NC), 14.86; Leonard (NC), Banks (NN), Wiggins (NN), Jones (RM), Thomas (SN).

100 -- Michael Farr (F), 11.46; R. Parker (F), Michael (NC), Wiggins (SWE), Howard (SN), J. Dupree (SWE).

4 X 200 -- Northern Nash (Devin Williams, Danny Fretz, Tavis Richardson, Travon Banks), 1:31.02; Fike, SouthWest Edgecombe, Nash Central, Rocky Mount, Southern Nash.

1,600 -- Dillon Hawley (NC), 4:30.15; White (NC), Williams (NN), Hannon (RM), Frazier (F), Judd (NC).

4 X 100 -- Fike (Michael Farr, Zamese Braswell, Rashad Parker, Melvin Howard), 43.79; Nash Central, SouthWest Edgecombe, Southern Nash, Rocky Mount, Northern Nash.

400 -- Devin Williams (NN), 50.09; D. Jenkins (SWE), Felix (NC), Deans (RM), (tie) Simmons (RM), Williams (NN).

300 HURDLES -- Travon Banks (NN), 39.82; Allen (NC), Leonard (NC), Thomas (SN), Brake (NC), Wiggins (NN).

800 -- Danny Fretz (NN), 2:01.2; McLaughlin (NN), Richardson (NC), Jones (F), Bennett (F), Alfaro (RM).

200 -- Devin Williams (NN), 22.82; T. Michael (NC), C. Michael (NC), Mosley (NC), D. Dupree (SWE), Coppedge (SN).

3,200 -- Dillon Hawley (NC), 9:43; White (NC), Williams (NN), Hannon (RM), Frazier (F), Warren (NC).

4 X 400 -- Northern Nash (Travon Banks, J.J. McLaughlin, Tavis Richardson, Danny Fretz), 3:30.7; Nash Central, Fike, SouthWest Edgecombe, Southern Nash, Rocky Mount.