Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big East Conference returning?

Had you ever wondered what the NEW 6 3-A Athletic Conference's name was going to change to next school year once SouthWest Edgecombe is gone and Wilson Hunt takes its place?

Well, the "NEW 6" wouldn't be quite appropriate, since the "E" represents Edgecombe County and its representative would be absent from the league.

It looks like the name "Big East" is returning!

Yes, the NEW 6's athletic directors have apparently submitted the name "Big East 3-A Athletic Conference" to the N.C. High School Athletic Association for approval. Should there be no conflict with the name with another conference, I expect that will be our league's new name come this spring when the ADs meet to form a constitution, make bylaws, solidify schedules, etc.

I'm glad the name is returning, although I did get one objection from a former Rocky Mount athlete, now alum who wants that name to remain unused - for historical reasons.

He wants to remember it as the great formidable 4-A league that it once was. It had a nice 25-year life (1981-2005). Rocky Mount surely left it on a great note - winning the final football league title by going undefeated (New Bern scared the crap out out of us in the process).

But I have no problem with the proposed new name!

Bring on the "Big East"!

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