Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is this Rocky Mount or Smoky Mount(ain)?

Interesting pictures, aren't they? Click on each shot to enlarge them!

David Hahula sent me these shots of the early moments of the Southern Wayne-Rocky Mount game Friday.

The smoke that is dispersed when the team comes onto the field during the pregame normally disappears before kickoff.

Not Friday night!

It hung around for at least 10 minutes while the two teams dueled it out in the first period.

Hahula also sent me the lyrics to a song that is perfect for moments like these - The Platters' big 50's hit "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes!"

I guess everyone noticed the new gold jerseys the Gryphons wore Friday night. I personally loved them. They gave them a Cal Bears-type look and I had no trouble catching players' numbers. Love those SOLID navy blue numbers!

But did you like them? I hear RMHS may wear them for three straight games - beginning with Southern Wayne.

Send me your comments on the new jerseys - right here! We'd love to hear from you!