Saturday, June 2, 2007

NFL is coming to RMHS ... sort of!

The National Football League is coming to Rocky Mount High June 18-21 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the RMHS gym.

Here is an overview of the program from

The NFL High School Player Development program addresses the many issues facing high school football programs in communities-in-need.

The following issues have been identified by a number of professionals, including, urban-based high school coaches, college football recruiters in Divisions I – III, collegiate coaches in Divisions I – III, NFL General Managers and Player Personnel Directors:

• A lack of feeder systems and introduction to the game results in decreased interest in playing high school football.
• Today’s players are deficient in game fundamentals.
• Academics disqualify many football players.


The program sets out to achieve the following objectives:• Provide high school players from inner-city public schools with academic support through counseling in areas such as class standings, core course selection, maintaining a GPA, preparing for standardized tests and preparing for life after school.
• Increase exposure of urban-based, high school football players to college coaches and recruiters in Divisions I-III.
• Increase access to academic records for college recruiters.
• Create a new pool of quality and fundamentally sound athletes from communities-in-need through innovative teaching methods and drills developed by leading NCAA and NFL coaches who contribute their input and signature on position skill development exercises and methods.

How the program works

NFL High School Player Development provides incoming, fall season, sophomores, juniors and seniors a program focusing on academic counseling as well as specific football skill training by position. Each participant gains a full awareness of what it takes to become a successful high school and collegiate student-athlete, along with the resources and information to meet NCAA Clearinghouse requirements.

The program is comprised of an online academic and life skill curriculum and 10 hours of on-field, fundamental skill development by position. All program participants spend five hours of on-field programming at an offensive position and the remaining five hours at a defensive position of their coach’s choice.

Guest speakers address participants on life skills and football issues for 20 minutes prior to each practice. At the conclusion of the program, each participant receives a personalized portfolio.

This portfolio measures each player’s skill development by position and provides a complete breakdown of that player’s skill techniques. It also notes issues that need to be addressed in order to improve and advance to the next skill level.

Participants have the opportunity to meet with counselors to review and evaluate their academic standings and to receive an academic recommendation action plan.

This plan positions them to be eligible and fully prepared to meet NCAA Clearinghouse requirements and student-athlete demands while in college.

Led by Rocky Mount head football coach B.W. Holt, several RM assistant coaches as well as other coaches from area schools will be instructing at this camp. This may be the most important camp an aspiring high school football player may ever attend.

And it is free! Yes, free. The NFL is underwriting all the cost, so all you have to do is show up and participate. This is open to all football players in the surrounding Twin County area.

Mark your calendars now!