Friday, December 10, 2010

Wilson Fike head football coach fired

Kim Brown
Kim Brown, the head football coach at Wilson Fike the last two seasons, has been let go according to a release from Fike principal Steve Ellis late Tuesday.

'Fike High School will make a head coaching change in varsity football for the 2011 season. As principal, I've evaluated the program and determined that Fike football must have a new direction. The search for the next head coach will begin in the near future. Because Fike has a long and storied football history, I expect the search to produce a top candidate to lead the Golden Demons back to championship-caliber play.

"Kim Brown, who recently completed his second season as head coach, has fulfilled his coaching contract. Coach Brown remains a Wilson County Schools employee and a member of the Fike faculty."

Brown, who has suffered a number of health problems this past season including having a toe amputated, was 2-9 each of his seasons and never won a Big East Conference game during his tenure.

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