Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big East baseball coaches weigh in on N.C.-tinged World Series

1999 Athens Drive graduate Josh Hamilton

2007 South Caldwell graduate Madison Bumgarner
Since this year's World Series has such a Tar Heel flavor (Texas Rangers centerfielder Josh Hamilton and San Francisco pitcher Madison Bumgarner), I decided to poll the six head baseball coaches of the Big East Conference on Wednesday to find out their pick for the Series' winner along with how many games it would take for the victor to come out on top.

The poll was taken before the start of Game 1.

Here is what they said:

Nash Central coach Jeff Mizelle -

"I like Texas in six. Josh Hamilton has come so far as a player and he will lead them to the title."

Northern Nash coach Eddie Loesner -

"The Giants in six. You won't see any crooked numbers in this Series. Giants will win the close ones."

Rocky Mount coach Kent Cox -

"Texas in seven. I think Texas has to many offensive weapons and is playing well as a team right now."

Southern Nash coach Jeff Flowers -

"Rangers in six."

Wilson Fike coach Will Flowers -

"I think it will be a great Series. The Yankees are my team and since the Rangers beat them, I will pull for the Rangers to win in six games."

Wilson Hunt coach Jon Smith -

"Texas in five. I believe Texas will win because they have great team chemistry, adequate pitching after Cliff Lee, and they have a good offense. Not to mention Molina should be able to give the Rangers' hitters a decent scouting report. Cody Ross will cool off and Texas will win it in five."

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