Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gryphon alum entertains former teammates in China

- 2005 RMHS grad Adam Kluger playing club soccer in China

When former Gryphon soccer player Adam Kluger asked his friends and former RMHS soccer teammates to come visit him over Christmas and play a little soccer while they were in town, they went a little further than across the state, or even the country.

How about halfway across the world!

Kluger, who graduated from UNC in 2009, made his way to China and began teaching and tutoring English there.

And over Christmas, his brother Alex, along with brothers Andrew, Scott and Stephen Peacock, and brothers Dennis and Justin Adams made the trip to Shanghai to see their buddy ... and sibling.

Adam has recently taken a position in busines finance with an Italian company based in Shanghai. But he still tutors in his spare time.

The above picture is him playing for Team Azzurie. Adam arranged for all seven of them to practice together with the team. He was second in their league in scoring the season before, despite joining the team in mid-season.

Imagine - seven former Gryphons playing on a soccer field in China! How cool is that?

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