Thursday, October 1, 2009

Varnell out for season

I got some unsettling news yesterday on the status of injured senior linebacker Carter Varnell (No. 33 in inset picture).

He has a torn ACL in his left knee and he is out for the season. And with that, Varnell's baseball career may well be over as well as such an injury takes at least nine months to heal.

He has such hopes of coming back for the Greenville Rose game, but alas, those hopes were dashed after a day of practice Monday that saw him re-injure that knee.

I really feel for Carter and the team. His leadership and skills will be sorely missed.

I can't remember a time - certainly not in this century, that injuries have played such a big part in the Gryphons' season. Normally, no more than two starters had missed much time out at any one time. So, certainly, this may be the biggest single loss to injury since QB Jason Tyler went down with a broken wrist his junior season.

My best to Carter and his family and I know he will be urging on his teammates the rest of the season on the sidelines.


Anthony said...

The D- Block was great tonight even without Carter Varnell. But Dickie is a lousy coach. He knows nothing about this or any other offense. It's time to put the blame where it should be....on Dick!!! Greenville Rose was not the better team tonight. We have no coach!!!! I can't sit and watch this bull any longer. I will stay at home until they finally get rid of Dummy Shot!!

Anthony said...

Dickie is a dummy, he should ask for and accept help from the coaches who know these kids and our offense. The people in the stands are not stupid, but they know that what he is doing is wrong. Blocking!! replace those weak lineman. He is playing booster club parents kids. They wanted B.W out...boy I'll bet he is chuckling now.Jason Battle we sorely miss you,I don't how long we will be able to sit and watch this ignorant buffoon drive our program into the ground!!!

David Pitt said...

thankyou for staying at home! We do not need those of you who are fare wheather fans. If you think you know so much about this team and how it should be coached then you need to put in your application. No Dickie is not B.W. and there is only one of them, but Dickie is still a good person and a good coach. You and all the other fare weather fans need to sit down, shut up, and and pull for Rocky Mount no matter who is coaching.