Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glad RMHS is fielding a girls golf team

- Meredith Tucker Bass and her son Tucker

Somewhere between Nashville and Spring Hope, I know Meredith Tucker Bass is smiling right now.

I know chasing a new toddler around is giving her untold joy, but she has to be busting at the seams to know that Rocky Mount High is fielding a girls golf team for the first time since she served as head coach for one year back in the late 90s.

Given that the 1990 RMHS alum is the best girls golfer - make that, the best golfer RMHS has ever produced, period - and she had to play on the boys team to even participate in the game at all.

But when she won the 1989 NCHSAA girls medalist state title in Chapel Hill (the same day of the Oakland-San Francisco World Series earthquake, by the way), she put RM golf on the map.

She went on to a solid collegiate career at North Carolina, but I know she would have loved having a team of her own peers.

I hope Emily Brown, Kourtney Sanders and Morgan Lewis, the three girls who make up RM's revived team this season, will continue to encourage their friends and peers to pick up the game and join the squad.

This is one program I hope won't get scrapped due to financial cuts.


The AM 1390 Sports Hub said...

That was Oakland-San Francisco. Don't take Will Clark's only World Series appearance away from me...

Charles Alston said...

I stand corrected! You weren't born yet, were you Wes?

Just kidding!

Charles Alston said...
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